Natalie's Childminding


General Information 

I am an Ofsted Registered Childminder living in Farnham, Surrey, in a detached house.  I achieved this registration November 2010.  I have a 'Children and Young Peoples Workforce' (CYPW) diploma,  Level 3 Qualification, gained May 2012.  My most recent Ofsted inspection in February 2016 I gained 'Outstanding'.

I offer full and part-time places and I am fully insured.

I can offer both inside and outdoor play.

Planned weekly activities, baking, painting, craft etc.  Also visits to toddler groups, sure start centres, walks, parks and on occasions visits to farms or other places of interest for children.

Information is provided for parents through daily diaries and individual learning and development is recorded for each child to track their progress.  Regular optional meetings to discuss your child's progress.

My aim is to provide a safe and loving environment for children, where they can grow and thrive.  I want all children to have the opportunity to reach their full potential, which will be different for everyone, so I will ensure they are treated as the unique individuals they are.  Most importantly I want children to be happy and have lots of fun which also means working with parents to ensure the children get the most out of their time with me.  I understand the many pressures parents face juggling children, home and work life, so feel I can offer a real understanding and flexibility having used a childminder myself, knowing the panic and rush from work to the childminders house!

I can't stress enough I love being with children and think it is important that they are happy and are having fun!